How To Protect Your Car In Summer

How To Protect Your Car In Summer
October 21, 2021 markofferdahl

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Queensland sun is a car’s worst enemy, especially in summer. You only have to look at a car that’s been parked in the sun its whole life, and you can see the toll that sun damage will take. At Spin Carwash Chermside, we see it too often. Although you can’t avoid the sun forever, there are several things that you can do to give your car the best chance at surviving the summer heat. Read on to find out what they are.

Protecting Your Car’s Appearance

Sun damage can really impact the way your car looks, and when you’ve purchased a shiny new vehicle, the last thing you want is to see that paint job perish in the weather. Here are our top tips for protecting your car’s appearance in summer.

Park In A Shady Spot

If you can, park in a shady spot. This is going to have a significant impact on the damage the sun can do. If you can only park in the shade sometimes, even that small amount is going to have an impact. Ultimately, the best thing to do to avoid sun damage is to avoid the sun. Simple as that.

Still, not all shade is equal. A big tree may look like a great spot to park, but leaves, droppings or fallen flowers/fruit can be just as harmful to your paint as the sun. Your best bet is to seek man-made shade like a carport or an under-cover area.

Tint Your Windows

If you’re worried about your interior or even your own sun exposure while driving, tinted windows are going to be the best solution for you. Though doing so can impact the value of your car, it’s about weighing up what’s more important for you. If you’ve bought a car intending to keep it long-term, tinting your windows can only help improve the life of your interior – and can also help prevent any driving-related sunburn.

Use a Front Window Shade

This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to protect the interior of your car from sun damage. One of these will set you back a mere $10 and reflect any light coming in through your windscreen. Your car may still heat up inside, but your dashboard, car seats and steering wheel will all be protected from the harsh UV rays shining through.

Invest In A Paint Protector

Paint protectors for cars come in many shapes and sizes, and whether you choose to use a DIY wax or spray or a professional service, it’s going to help your paint job last the summer. We know how important UV protection is for your car at Spin Carwash, so we’ve included Clear Coat Protectant in every Auto-Wash Tunnel package. Whether you choose a $15 deluxe service or a $25 superior service, a paint protector is included in your purchase.

Wash Regularly

Alongside using a paint protector, you should also wash your car regularly. When dirt and grime build-up, they often leave scratches and generally make your car look dull and dreary. If applying a paint protector, you should certainly wash the car first to avoid locking in any dirt into the paint job. Beyond that, washing the car can actually help cool it down on a hot day. If you’re passing through the Chermside area on a mid-summer scorcher, drop into Spin Carwash for an Auto-Wash complete with Clear Coat Protectant.

Protecting Your Car Mechanically

In summer, there are a number of mechanical elements that you should keep an eye on to ensure you don’t run into any unexpected repairs. Here are some of the most important things to check.

Check Your Coolant & Other Fluids

Your coolant level is extremely important in summer, as this is the stuff that will keep the motor running at a suitable temperature. Without it, you could face your engine overheating, or worse, catching fire – yikes. If you don’t know how to check your coolant, be sure to take it down to a mechanic and have them check it as part of your regular service at the start of summer. When you drive about, keep an eye on your temperature gauge, if you see it climbing, it’s probably best to book in a service.

You’ll also want to check your oils, transmission fluid and brake fluid, as you’re likely going to run into issues if any of these run out, especially in the hot summer months.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Hot bitumen and flat tyres are a bit of a nightmare waiting to happen. As you drive down the road, your tyres will be flexing and bending to the shape of the road, and when your tyre pressure is low, the tyre itself has to bend and shape to the road more. This causes more friction and more potential for a blowout.

Clean Up The Battery

Lastly, make sure you check on your battery in summer the same way that you would in winter. If you’re not car-savvy yourself, get your local mechanic to check that it is all operating correctly, and clean up any leakage that may be occurring. Your car’s battery gets put under some extreme pressure in summer, between general use and a high accessory load (such as blasting the air conditioning), so it’s not surprising that summer tends to be the time your battery will fail.

Now that you know some of our top tips on protecting your car in summer, the next step is to go out there and get your vehicle ready before December rolls around. As mentioned above, if you’re passing through the Chermside area, be sure to drop into Spin Carwash for a wash and a coat of clear protectant to start protecting your car now!