Is Your Dirty Car Making You Sick?

Is Your Dirty Car Making You Sick?
September 27, 2021 markofferdahl

No matter if you take a two minute or a two-hour commute to work – one thing’s for sure. You rely on your car to get you to and from your destination in the safest way possible. Perhaps you are vigilant with your car maintenance. You may get it serviced regularly, you may check your tire pressure and fluids every few weeks, but this is not the be-all-end-all of car safety.

We all use our cars to transport a wide variety of things. Groceries, kids, work supplies, gym towels and more are just a few of the items that may have entered your vehicle. Unfortunately, all of these items have the potential to leave harmful germs and bacteria behind – putting yourself, and your passengers, at risk of getting sick.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘Can my dirty car make me sick?’ read on for some news you might not want to hear.


Man vacuuming the car seat

How can a car make you sick?

Surely a car is protected from the germs of the outside world! Well, sadly, it’s not. Why? We bring all those germs from outside, inside. Also, when we get busy, we risk neglecting our car care. Just think – how often do you wipe surfaces down in your home? How often do you clean the floors? Now, compare that with your car. Some of the highest touchpoints in the car include the external and internal door handles, the steering wheel, dashboard, gear stick, stereo buttons, indicators, and also the car’s carpet. How often do you wipe these over, or give the floors a quick vacuum? 

If you don’t clean your car often, chances are, plenty of germs have accumulated. Our everyday interactions with our car – from placing grocery bags in the boot, eating fast food, or using tissues for a runny nose, all result in the accumulation of more and more bacteria over time. This condition of dirty car interiors has even led to a well-known phenomenon; ‘Toxic Car Syndrome’, also commonly referred to as ‘Sick Car Syndrome’.

According to a study, most bacteria found in cars is caused by contact of human skin with the touchpoint. The accumulation of this bacteria most often including S. aureus and S. epidermidis, has the capacity to produce unpleasant odours in the car. Even more concerning, S. aureus has the capacity to cause more serious issues, and may potentially be a significant threat to human health. 


Dog resting in car

Mould is another common perpetrator

Another contributing factor to sick car syndrome is mould. Have you noticed that you, or members of your family, suffer symptoms like eye irritation, weezing or drowsiness in your car? It may be due to mould growing in your aircon vents. Your aircon vents can produce condensation in the evaporator when the air conditioner cools. This humid air can become a breeding ground for mould. When you switch the A/C on, this can blow the mould spores directly into your eyes and mouth. It also blows the spores throughout your entire vehicle, where they can continue to grow and multiply. If you think this may be an issue, it’s worth telling your mechanic about the problem, so they can clean the evaporator.

You’ve got to clean the outside, too

Like the inside, your external door handles can harbour mounds of harmful bacteria and germs, causing potential sickness. Aside from high touchpoint areas, all sorts of undesirables can land on your car. Have you ever parked under a tree and driven away with more than a few leaves on your car? While it may be obvious, leaving bird droppings on your car is not a hygienic choice. These droppings can carry both harmful bacteria and diseases. 


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