Tips When Taking Your 4WD For A Weekend Away From Brisbane

Tips When Taking Your 4WD For A Weekend Away From Brisbane
August 2, 2018 markofferdahl

Whether you’re going fishing, camping, hiking or four-wheel driving, a weekend away to escape the hustle and bustle of Brisbane is always an exciting prospect!

Taking your 4WD is the most sensible option; you’ll have plenty of room for your supplies (and your mates) and will be able to tackle even the toughest of terrain. But there are a couple of things you need to consider, both before embarking on your trip and when you get back. We know the before and after isn’t as exciting as the during, but being organised for these parts too, will definitely make the weekend go smoother!

Sort out your access permits ahead of time

Planning on heading to Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island, Moreton Island or Bribie for a thrilling weekend of four-wheel driving? You’re going to need to do a little research before you pull out of the driveway with all your mates in tow. The most important thing to organise before you go is your vehicle access permits, which will be needed if you plan on four-wheel driving on any of these islands. You’ll also want to check the barge timetables and the cost of getting your 4WD across to the islands. It can get pretty pricey, especially in peak season, so splitting the cost between everyone in your party is always a good idea.

Check the weather

You don’t want the weather to place a massive dampener on your weekend. We all pray for sunshine and a light breeze, but if strong winds and rain are forecast, you’ll need to make preparations before setting off. High winds, in particular, require extra precautions when driving on the highway. Make sure any vehicle attachments such as trailers or boats are secured, and that loads are always covered. Take it easy on the roads and give yourself plenty of time; rushing in wet weather only expedites the risk of an accident. Also be sure to pack extra wet weather gear, and don’t forget the rainproof tent!

Spin Car Wash

Pack according to the facilities available

4WD’s are big, but will only fit so much if you’ve already got yourself, your four mates and all your camping gear loaded in. Not to mention those cartons of cold ones too. Check out the facilities in the campground you’ve booked and know where your nearest convenience store is. If there’s a kiosk on site, you’re cheering. You can already mentally rule out having to stock up on food. If there’s a pub nearby, even better. Remember to see if there’s a fire ban in place in your area or not; you don’t want to cart all that firewood from Brisbane for nothing. Pack as light as possible without eliminating the essentials; it’ll help your fuel economy and decrease your chances of a flatty.

Give your 4WD a decent wash upon returning to Brisbane

Your vehicle will probably be an unrecognisable buildup of dirt, dust, mud and sand by the time you get back to Brisbane. All testament to a good weekend away! But you don’t want to be rocking up to work on Monday in a grotty beast of a car. Stop in at Spin Car Wash Chermside on your way home and give your set of wheels a thorough hose down. You can choose to take her through the auto-wash tunnel if you’re too tired from all your getaway shenanigans. If you’ve already dropped your mates home, and still have a little energy to spare, gut the back seat and use an industrial strength vacuum to remove all traces of sand. She’ll be pristine again in no time!

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