What Car Colour Gets Dirty The Fastest?

What Car Colour Gets Dirty The Fastest?
March 18, 2022 Aidan Cureton

Black cars are notorious for getting dirty the fastest – well, at least looking dirty before other colours. Other dark coloured cars are also particularly bad at highlighting dirt stains – but why is that? Shouldn’t a white or light coloured car look the dirtiest?

A white car will show large stains easier, but a light covering in dust or even pollen will blend in better than it would on a black surface. Dust tends to be quite light when it’s evenly spread – think of a t-shirt, for example. On a black shirt, you’ll always notice when some lint or even dandruff settles of the shoulder because of the contrast. With white, particles blend in easier.

But in the world of cars, things aren’t just black and white (haha, get it). There are dozens of colour options available – out of those, some options are easier to keep clean than others.

close-up of a new silver/white car

What Is The Best Car Colour To Keep Clean

Silver! This is one of the most popular car colours around, and it’s the best for covering dirt and scratches. If you want to look presentable in your ride for less work, this is the colour to go with because it will visibly look cleaner for longer.

While silver is the most popular answer, there are other options that can mask dirt even better. As a general rule of thumb, shades closer to dirt will camouflage dirt stains better. Things like beige, light grey, light silver and gold will conceal dirt marks better.

Shades Of Your Car

Darker shades tend to highlight dirt. More prominent stains or mud spots will also be obvious on lighter shades. For the best results, pick somewhere in the middle. If you want a red coloured car, a maroon will look cleaner for longer compared to a cherry red or a dark burgundy.

The shade of your car will influence the kind of dirt that stands out. A white car may hide dust and debris better; however, mudstains may be more noticeable from afar. It all comes down to contrast. That’s why mid-shade cars are the best at covering dirt.

What Do We Mean By That?

On the colour spectrum, every colour shade is made by adding more white or black to make the colours lighter or darker. The closer to those extremes your car is, the higher the contrast there will be to its paint and dirt.

close-up of black car getting washed

How To Keep Your Car Looking Good No Matter The Colour

Follow these tips to keep your car clean no matter what colour it is.

1. Give It A Wash

Your car won’t look dirty if it isn’t. No matter how well your car hides dirt, at the end of the day, that dirt will be damaging your paint system and can lower the life expectancy of your vehicle. If you wash your car regularly, your vehicle will always look fantastic.

2. Dry It And Park Under Shade

Once your car is washed, make sure more dirt doesn’t get stuck to the moisture. Use a proper drying facility or go over it with a clean microfibre towel. This also removes the chance of water stains and calcification.

3. Wax Your Car

A proper wax and finish coating will protect your paint. Wax and ceramic seals will create a protective barrier for your car that keeps all the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Plus, it can buff out existing minor damages and bring a new sparkle to your car.

Get A Great Wash With Spin

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