Why A Soft Cloth Car Wash Is The Way To Go

Why A Soft Cloth Car Wash Is The Way To Go
July 16, 2021 markofferdahl

When you choose to invest in automatic car washes, you need to be sure you’ve chosen an automatic wash that will clean your car flawlessly. You also need to choose a car wash system that’s engineered to preserve the long term value of your car.

Soft cloth car washes have long been considered the superior choice when it comes to automatic car washes. Car owners who use a soft cloth car wash enjoy a sparkling clean car that looks as good as new, with every wash. Read on to learn why soft cloth car washes are the premium car washing choice.

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Leading Technology

Soft cloth car washes are among many different types of automatic car washes. Like other automatic car washes, the car owner simply selects their preferred auto wash, then remains inside the vehicle while the car wash takes place. The soft cloth car wash system is commonly referred to as a “soft touch” or friction car wash. This is because the soft cleaning cloths have gentle but efficient contact with your car.

When the automatic car wash has started, each individual cloth strip rotates with considerable speed. Paired with high quality soap foam solution and the gentle friction of the soft cloth, it effectively removes grime, dirt and salt from your car. Afterwards, the car undergoes a rinse and dry cycle to finish the process.

Soft Cloth Car Washes Are Safe

The washing technique afforded by the soft cloth car wash has long been considered a reliable, safe and effective way to wash your car. The soft cloth car wash system effectively disturbs hard-to-reach areas that other automatic car washes struggle to access. Knowing that soft cloth car washes can access virtually all the external nooks and crannies of your car, this makes it a tempting choice when compared to traditional home car washing. This modern technology utilises a gliding movement and gentle pressure from the pliable cloth strips. The gentle pressure combined with the friction of the soft cloth will effectively loosen stubborn dirt spots and contaminants, such as bugs.

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Time-Efficient Car Wash

Soft cloth car washing is not just effective. It’s also impressively time efficient. If you find yourself constantly on the go and struggling to find time to even think about cleaning your car, the soft cloth car wash was made for you. Spin Car Wash’s soft cloth car wash will clean your car in just three minutes. Considering we have 10,080 minutes in a week, you could easily take three minutes off on your commute home along Gympie Road at the carwash. Plus, we’re open 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you can stop by whenever you please.


Importantly, soft cloth car washes are highly economical. The Deluxe automatic wash starts at just $15 at Spin Car Wash, and will leave your car looking sparkling. But if you’re after an extra special treatment, car owners can opt for our Ultimate automatic wash ($20) or our Superior automatic wash ($25), which includes ceramic seal, extreme shine wax and Rainx complete.

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A Worthwhile Investment

For a marginal weekly cost, car owners can preserve the long term quality and value of their car with regular soft cloth car washes. This makes your car far more attractive when it comes time to sell.

At Spin Car Wash, we use the latest car cleaning technology and superior soaps to ensure a beautiful finish, every time. We know our customers are time-poor, but also want to take good care of their cars. With our soft cloth automatic car wash tunnel, our customers can do just this. Alternatively, for those who prefer greater control over how their car is cleaned, our self-service bays are a convenient option. If you’d like to learn more about our range of services, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team today.