Why Queenslanders Should Wash Their Cars In Winter

Why Queenslanders Should Wash Their Cars In Winter
July 15, 2021 markofferdahl

Things get pretty cold and miserable during an Australian winter; because of that, many drivers neglect their cars and leave them unwashed until things warm up again. People tend to think that an Australian winter is less harsh than our summer, but that can’t be further from the truth. From June to August, the environment can cause some severe damage to your vehicle if it’s not adequately protected. So if you’re wondering, ‘should you wash your car in winter’ the short answer is yes, and here’s why. 

How Can Winter Damage My Car?

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Australians naturally worry about the sun when it comes to their cars. Sun damage is a massive issue for car owners down under, so people assume their car is safer when it’s less harsh – like in winter. While your car is better protected from UV rays in winter, several other conditions can damage it in the colder months that a regular winter car wash can alleviate.

Cold Temperatures: The cold strips moisture from materials and makes things rigid and tough. While the exterior of our cars is hardy enough to withstand the temperatures, the interiors may suffer. Leather does not do well in the cold and dries out quickly, which can cause cracking, powdering and other issues.

Rain: Australian rain is naturally slightly acidic, so if you’re the type of person who only leaves your car out in a rain shower to wash it off, you’re likely allowing small amounts of erosion to occur on your paint. Sometimes rain collects more pollutants depending on the environment, which can make it even more acidic.

Rain also makes muddy conditions. Mud can whip up onto and underneath your car, or be tracked inside the car when you enter and exit the vehicle. Depending on the soil, dirt can be more acidic than rainwater, and if left on your paint, it can chew away at its protective layer and cause damage or discolouration.

Salt & Fog: Dense fog clouds are common in the early morning and late afternoon, especially around coastal areas. This fog can carry a lot of salt in it, promoting rusting and corrosion throughout your car, including places hidden from view. Some Australian towns also salt the roads in winter, which may flick into your undercarriage or onto the body of your car.

How Washing Your Car In Winter Protects It

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A regular winter car wash rinses all the damaging things off your car and applies protective layers to repel water, salt and other substances. What’s better is an Auto Car Wash does all this without forcing you to leave the comfort of your car.

Washing & Waxing: In winter, you’ll want your vehicle to have a good layer of wax on it to work as a protective layer between your paint and the elements. This helps keep harmful dirt, mud, salt and water off the paintwork and makes it easier to clean in the future.

Early winter is often the end of the wet season in Australia. So, it’s common to experience a few chilled showers before things get dry and cold. During that time, it’s in your best interests to apply a covering of Rain-X, a fantastic formula that slicks water off your car, protecting it and improving your visibility.

We recommend giving your car a proper wash each week or at least once a month to ensure any harmful substances are washed away.

Wheel Cleaning: Don’t neglect your wheels this winter. They cop a beating this time of year, be that on the muddy roads in May or the dry, compact ground towards August. A good wheel clean will keep your rims shining and ready to handle the toughest conditions.

Interior: Your car will surely be used a lot more in winter. You’ll find that instead of walking to the store like you usually do, you’ll opt to jump in the car and turn the heater on for even short trips. Constant in and out trips mean you’re tracking a lot more dirt and mud through your vehicle. A dirty car interior isn’t nice, so a regular vacuum and deep clean can eliminate dirt marks before they set into stubborn stains.

Seals: A general rule of thumb is to apply a sealant to your car at least once every 6 months. Our Armour All Ceramic Seal™ gives your car 3x the shine and protection compared to a regular wax. It seals in your protective wax and gives your paint a longer life expectancy by preventing pollutants from penetrating through.

Being outside and washing your car yourself is unpleasant in winter, so stay cozy in your car and get a full, comprehensive clean, wax and polish in under 5-minutes at Spin’s Auto-Wash Tunnel. Spin Car Wash Chermside is conveniently located right near Wavell Heights and has all the highest quality facilities and products needed for your winter car wash.