Different Types of Car Washes - What's Best For You?

Different Types of Car Washes – What’s Best For You?
October 5, 2021 markofferdahl

With so many types of car washes available, it can be tough to know what to choose! Car owners need to be selecting the right car wash for their specific car, budget and time constraints. We also need to be aware of the varying levels of thoroughness offered by different types of car washes and make an informed decision from there.

To learn what the best type of car wash is for your car (and your lifestyle), read on.

Soft cloth car wash

Soft cloth car washes have long been a reliable automatic car wash method that car owners can trust. Often referred to as “brushless car washes”, the equipment for this type of car wash consists of soft cloth pads. Cloth or synthetic variations of cloth are used for soft cloth car washes. This is because they are safe and gentle on a car’s surface while effectively removing all dirt and grime. Using this material for automatic car washing also prevents paint oxidation from occurring.

Sure, brushes do eliminate dust, pollen and dirt from the car. But the force of the brushes can harm your antennas, paint and side-view mirrors.

Unsurprisingly, the thorough yet gentle clean of the popular soft cloth car wash has made it a staple for many Aussie car owners who rely on automatic car washes. This car wash will take anywhere from 3-5 minutes.

Touchless car wash

Like soft cloth car washes, touchless car washes are another gentle yet effective automatic car wash choice. The touchless in-bay car washes are generally equipped with lighted signs that direct you into the bay. The equipment goes around your car, cleaning it with a balance of high-pressure water jets and balanced detergents. Generally, this car wash will take around 5 minutes.

Most people who opt for the touchless car wash choose it because they feel there is less risk of scratches. While they usually result in a comprehensive clean, without cloth strips, or brushes, no-touch washes can miss some imperfections – like mud or bird droppings. Plus, no-touch washes rely more on rigorous detergents. If used improperly, these detergents can risk damaging your paint. Plus, the high-pressure water jets come with their own list of issues.

While the idea of blitzing off any dirt from your car sounds great, these systems can spray at a force of 2200 psi, which is a stark contrast to the 40-60psi that your garden hose can push out. These washes may force debris deeper into the paint or even chip and scratch a paint job.

Car detailing

Professional car detailers typically use top of the line supplies and will devote significant time going over each and every corner of your car. As you have a real person washing and detailing your car, not a machine, you tend to have a more comprehensive clean. But, with this more comprehensive clean comes a higher price tag. Generally, car detailing is a luxurious car cleaning alternative, commonly used by car owners looking to sell their car and put it on the market.

You better have the afternoon free if you’ve booked in a car detail, because the process takes on average 2-4 hours. That’s not including booking and waiting for an available time. Because of the long wait times and higher price brackets, a full detail is often not what the ‘time conscious’ customer is looking for.

A few risks still come with car detailing that you should chat to your detailer about before they start work on your car – because once an error is made, it can be hard to reverse it. Make sure they don’t use the same sponge to clean the vehicle’s painted surfaces and the tires and wheel wells. This common car cleaning mistake can embed rough abrasives into the sponge. When the sponge is then applied to the car, it can swirl scratches into the paint. This is hardly a look you want to have – especially if you’re looking to put your car on the market! Just make sure your car detailer uses best practices. They need to be rinsing their sponges and microfibre cloths regularly.

Self serve car wash

Self-service car washes are an affordable and convenient way to wash your car. They are a great option for car owners who love to wash their car themselves – and want only the best car cleaning equipment and products to get the job done. Washing the car is plenty of fun, and self-service car bays make car washing easy. For a lot of Spin Car Wash members, it can even be a social outing!

Get your car washed with Spin Car Wash

At Spin Car Wash, we provide thorough yet gentle soft cloth car wash bays. Our automatic car wash takes under 5 minutes from start to finish and is open 24 hours – perfect for commuters and busy car owners! Alternatively, we offer self-service bays equipped with all the car wash equipment you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Swing by the car wash on your next drive through Gympie Road and chat with our team if you have any questions about our services.