How Much Does Preventable Car Damages Lower Its Resale Value?

How Much Does Preventable Car Damage Lower Its Resale Value?
September 12, 2021 markofferdahl

One unavoidable truth of purchasing a car is depreciation. That said, there are measures we can take as car owners to maximise the value of our vehicles when it comes time to sell. There are plenty of preventative damages that can lower the resale value of a car. Here, we dive into the preventable car damages to avoid and ensure its maximum resale value.

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Buying a car that is too niche

If you want to buy a car that stands a good chance of selling quickly in the future, try to choose a popular car model. Going too niche can lead to a car that stays on the market for a very, very long time – only continuing to depreciate. Car brands that are known for reliability are solid choices for those buying a car they know they will resell in the future. Plus, cars with proper safety features will help further lift the resale price. While this car isn’t necessarily a preventable car damage tip, it is an important thing to consider when buying. You want a car that maintains its value, so the following tips give you more money in pocket when it comes time to sell.

Similarly, you’ll need to consider car colour. Pink cars have gotten a bad rep for cutting out half the market when it comes time to sell. While more men are embracing the colour pink, both female and male car buyers might avoid a pink car, fearing the potential resale sacrifice.

Irregular car washes

Regular car washing is a fairly obvious component of regular car maintenance. Dirt, rain, mud, acidic bird droppings and even salt regularly come into contact with cars during everyday driving. If these impurities are left to sit on the car, the minerals in these materials can tarnish the paint job over time. On the flip side, regular car washing will safely remove these imperfections in seconds.

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Not conducting regular car services and logbooking

Another critical part of ongoing car maintenance is conducting regular car services and keeping a logbook of these services. For a second-hand car buyer, evidence that the car has undergone regular services will go a long way when converting the sale. Also, a car that has undergone regular servicing will simply be in better condition than a car that has not, maximising your car resale value. Experts tend to agree that dealership services are generally more attractive to buyers, so this is an important factor to keep in mind.

Parking in the sun

Prolonged UV exposure can oxidise and fade automotive paint. This can quickly make a car look old and weathered before its time. This can be particularly unappealing to those looking to buy a second-hand car.

Try to park underground or under shade sails when you are out and about in the car. At home, try to always park the car in the garage. If you don’t have room in the garage, consider doing a cleanout or installing a carport or shed to store your car.

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Not using a sun visor

Sometimes, parking in the sun and/or the heat is simply unavoidable. That’s where a sun visor comes in handy. As well as damaging the paint, the sun can damage the interior of your car, too. Your dashboard and your seats can fade after prolonged sun exposure. The extreme temperature can even crack and distort these materials. Plus, car stereos can also be damaged from too much sun and heat. Investing in an interior sunshade can help protect the car’s interior and its resale value for many years.

Not keeping the interior clean

Keeping the car interior clean makes for a more enjoyable ride for the driver and the passengers. It also prevents the build-up of grime, dust and dirt. Lugging a vacuum cleaner to your car will prove to be a difficult task. Opting for vacuum bays at a reputable car wash company like Spin Car Wash is the easiest option.


Standard car models almost always provide the highest resale value. Unless you have a buyer who specifically loves customised cars, avoid tweaking your car with modifications, as these will most likely decrease the value of your car.

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Try car detailing before you sell

Prior to taking your photos to put your car on the market, consider getting your car detailed. This can make a big difference to how great your car looks online. A professional car detailing will also present your car in the best light if you have potential buyers inspecting the car in person prior to purchasing.

Keep your car in pristine condition with Spin Car Wash

It’s easy to keep your car looking beautiful with Spin Car Wash. Whether you opt for automatic car washes that are completed in less than 5 minutes or prefer to wash your car with all the professional gear available at your fingertips, Spin Car Wash will protect the long term value of your car. If you have any questions about our auto-wash tunnel or our self-service bays, be sure to get in touch with our team today.