Self Service Car Washing Near You (North Brisbane)

Self Service Car Washing Near You (North Brisbane)
July 18, 2018 markofferdahl

Need somewhere close to your home on Brisbane’s Northside to wash your car, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Spin Car Wash is conveniently located on Gympie Road in Chermside. It boasts a wide range of loyalty programs and high quality, easy to use equipment that’ll have your car sparkly and clean in no time!

So if you live in Chermside, Aspley, Geebung, Wavell Heights, Kedron, Stafford Heights, Northgate, Virginia or Nundah, consider heading to Spin Car Wash the next time your vehicle is begging for a scrub. Our self-service car washing facilities are unbeatable when it comes to affordable prices and top-notch products. Read on to find out more!


Self Service Car Washing Near You (North Brisbane)

Just $8 to wash your car – what a bargain!

Here at Spin Car Wash, we believe that everyone deserves a ride which feels brand new! That’s why we offer incredibly competitive prices when it comes to self-service car washing. For just $8 you can clean your vehicle inside and out, with a range of top of the line products.

Open 24/7

Our self-service bays are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. Shift workers need to clean their cars too, after all! Drop in and wash your car on your way home from work so that it’s nice and clean for your day off. Or if you’ve been on a four-wheel driving expedition on Bribie or Fraser Island, pop in to give your ride a good scrub to get all the sand off.

A variety of car washing options

The self-service car wash bays at Spin boast eight different automated washing options to choose from. You can switch between these at any time to achieve the shiniest results.


Self Service Car Washing Near You (North Brisbane)

The best car cleaning products on the market

You won’t find any cheap, home brand products here! We guarantee that NONE of our gear will cause scratches to your vehicle’s paint. We stock only the best cleaning solutions and reliable, industrial equipment (including vacuums!) so that you can give your car a full pamper. Our regular customers are loving the carnauba wax we currently offer; when you’re done buffing you’ll be able to see a perfect reflection in your car’s exterior!

The Spin Unlimited Wash Club

Seeing the same people return time and again brings a smile to our team’s faces! This is why we like to offer our loyal customers exclusive discounts. Join our Spin Unlimited Wash Club and reap the benefits of cleaning your car as much as you want within one month for only $29.95. Perfect for anyone who frequents dirt roads or tradies who use their vehicle as their mobile business and need to keep it looking schmick and professional.


Self Service Car Washing Near You (North Brisbane)

Convenient location

Spin Car Wash is ideally situated to service Brisbane’s Northside residents. If you commute along Gympie road for work or school pick ups and drop offs, simply turn in and give your car a quick clean on the way. Instant access to self-service car washing facilities couldn’t be easier! We’re right across from Marchant Park for the kids’ after-school runaround, neighbours to Woolworths Chermside for all your grocery shopping needs, and just down the road from Westfield Chermside too! Get all your chores completed in a jiffy by having your key facilities concentrated in the one area.

Want to know more about the first-rate facilities that we offer? Contact Spin Car Wash today!