Where To Wash Your Electric Car In Brisbane

Where To Wash Your Electric Car In Brisbane
December 21, 2021 markofferdahl

Just bought a brand new electric car? Chances are you may be considering how you should wash said new electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid vehicle. The main question for many new owners of electric cars is ‘do car wash methods change?’. The good news is, not really, but there are several important things to consider if you want to choose the best option for your new ride. Finally, you’re probably wondering where the best place to wash your electric car is. Read on to get all your questions answered.

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It Is Safe To Wash An Electric Car – How Much Water Can They Handle?

Taking an EV through a car wash is completely safe. Just as electric cars have been engineered to withstand torrential rain, EVs can be taken through car washes with no problems. Many manufacturers actually perform a “soak test” on their EVs, where the car is subject to near flooding level rain. Importantly, all components of the EV are covered and coated with a higher than military-grade material.

As well as being safe, washing an electric vehicle in automatic car washes, like soft cloth washes, will cause no damage to the electric system, the electric motor or to the batteries. These systems are properly sealed to prevent water intrusion.

So, if you want to know where to wash your electric car in Brisbane, the quick answer is ‘anywhere you’d wash a petrol car’. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should just wash it anywhere. Electric cars are still a premium product, so it’s fair to say you want to get the best protection. We recommend soft cloth car washes and self-serve if you want the least abrasions when you wash your electric car.

Same Rule Applies For Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Just like fully electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles are also safe to go through the car wash. Every electronic component of a hybrid vehicle has to live up to the same standards as fully electric vehicles. Plus, they need to uphold the same standards as gas cars. Hence, they are perfectly safe to take through an automatic car wash.

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How To Take Your EV Through An Automatic Car Wash

Putting an EV or electric hybrid vehicle through a car wash works the same way as putting a gas vehicle through an automatic car wash. Once you enter the tunnel, you will need to put your car in neutral. You’ll then need to disable your wipers and make sure they aren’t on auto mode. Roll your windows up, pop on some good tunes and settle in for the car wash.

Choose The Right Autowash Tunnel

With so many car wash options out there, it can be hard to choose the best one for you! There’s touchless, self serve, soft cloth and more. If you’re after an automatic car wash, soft cloth gives car owners the best of both worlds.

Soft cloth car washes are widely considered a reliable automatic car wash method for car owners. This type of automatic car wash is often referred to as a “brushless car wash”. To wash the car, cloth (or synthetic variations of cloth) is used. This material is safe and gentle to use on the car’s surface. Plus, it effectively removes all dirt and grime, while preventing paint oxidation from occurring.

While brushes can eliminate dust, pollen and dirt, the force of brushes can harm the paint, mirrors and antennas. Hence, it does not come as a massive surprise that the popular soft cloth car wash has become a staple for many Aussie car owners that use automatic car washes.

Moreso, our auto wash options offer wax application and ceramic sealing, which offers long term protection from the weather and any other nasties thrown at it while driving. Maintaining a regular wax and seal application is the key to ensuring long-lasting paint and body protection.

Self Serve Car Wash

If you prefer to wash your car yourself without the hassle of finding the right space and products to wash your car, Spin Car Wash’s Self Service Bays are the perfect solution. These bays give car owners access to industry-leading car cleaning products to ensure a superior wash. They are also open 24/7.

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Choose A Car Wash With An Electric Charging Station Nearby

To kill two birds with one stone, drivers are best off choosing to wash their electric car at a car wash that is close to electric charging stations. Again, Spin Car Wash has you covered. Our handy location along Gympie road is just a short drive from two EV charging stations in North Brisbane.

Less that 9 minutes away is the Tesla Destination Charger at 22 Thomas St. Closer again is the ChargePoint Charging Station on the corner of Gympie Road and, Hamilton Rd. There are also more options at Northgate. And for those northbound, there are more charging options available at Albany Creek.

Drop Your EV Into Spin Car Wash Today

Spin Car Wash really is the best place in Brisbane to wash your electric car. Car owners have the freedom to choose between three different automatic car wash options, as well as our self-service bays. Plus, you can recharge your EV at the same time. If you’re looking for a Tesla Car Wash, Electric BMW Car Wash, Mazda MX-30 Electric Car Wash, or a great wash for any other electric car model, Spin is the best option in Brisbane.

If you have any questions about our car wash services, be sure to contact our friendly team. Or, just swing by next time you’re in Chermside – we’re located at 1080 Gympie Rd.