Which Car Wash Package Is Best For Me?

Which Car Wash Package Is Best For Me?
July 20, 2021 Aidan Cureton

At Spin Car Wash Chermside, we prioritise three things: a fast and comprehensive car wash, great quality products and the protection of your vehicle. Our Auto-Wash Tunnel can give you a fantastic wash at several price points in under 5-minutes.

We’re conveniently based along Gympie Road, just north of the Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre. So if you’re in the area, swing by and get a great wash that will leave your car shining. We have three fantastic options depending on what you want from your car wash.

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Superior – $25

You can’t get better than our top of the range Superior Car Wash package. This option ticks all the boxes and leaves you with a glistening car that has advanced protection measures applied to it. Our double presoak cuts through and loosens any tough dirt or oil and primes it for the high-quality wax and protection covers applied later.

The main difference that sets this wash apart is the Armor All Ceramic Seal™. This seal delivers the most robust and most durable finish to your car that locks in your polish, keeping your car clean, dry, shiny and protected for longer. Additionally, the unique ceramic-based technology bonds to your vehicle’s surface and makes a protective barrier that also magnifies its shine.

The Superior Car Wash helps keep your car looking great for longer thanks to the Armor All Ceramic Seal™ and has all the benefits of our other wash options.

Wash your car in just three minutes at Spin Car Wash, create more time by washing your car at Spin Car Wash.

Ultimate – $20

The perfect middle choice for people who want a higher quality wash with fantastic wax and weather protection applications. The Ultimate Car Wash package will leave your vehicle spotless from top to bottom and easily handle the Australian environment.

The Armour All Extreme Shine Wax ™ is formulated to give your vehicle a noticeable shine that looks like it’s fresh from the factory floor. This wax is made of Carnauba, which automotive enthusiasts consider to be the go-to paint protection product. The wax also offers excellent protection from UV rays and water.

Spin Car Wash Chermside also gives your vehicle an application of Rain-X, which helps repel water and other particulates from your car. Its hydrophobic qualities help keep water off your vehicle and improve visibility out of your mirrors and windows, making it the perfect option for the wetter months in Queensland. Water forms beads when it lands on a car covered in Rain-X and easily slides off, so you don’t have to worry about water pooling on your windscreen and obscuring your vision.

Testing showed that Rain-X could improve response times by as much as a full second in wet conditions. A car travelling 60kph travels 16.67 metres every second, so that second gives you valuable breaking opportunities at highway speeds.

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Deluxe – $15

The Deluxe Auto-Wash Tunnel package is our most popular choice for customers. This wash is perfect for people who want a quick and affordable yet effective car wash. This option is our fastest option, taking under three minutes for the complete washing process.

While your car doesn’t get the same protection and shine as the other options, you still cover all the essentials and drive away with a properly cleaned vehicle.

At Spin Car Wash Chermside, the auto wash tunnel not only gives you an excellent wash in three minutes flat, but it’s also very affordable. We offer exclusive rewards to our loyal customers, too. With our Spincentive loyalty card, you can enjoy your eighth trip through the auto wash tunnel for free! Plus, by joining our Spin Unlimited Wash Club, you can wash your car as often as you like within one month for just $29.95! Contact Spin Car Wash today to join our loyalty club! Or if self-service bays are more your style, read about our fantastic DIY car washing facilities here!