A Car Wash Near Me That Will Help Sell My Car!

A Car Wash Near Me That Will Help Sell My Car!
July 28, 2020 William Jones
Get your car ready for an upcoming show with Spin Car Wash’s car washing facilities.

When you want to sell your house, you put quite a bit of time and effort into getting it market-ready. That means repainting the fence, filling in any holes in the walls and maybe even investing in home staging services to get everything looking seriously schmick. Why would it be any different when selling your car?

You can’t post a rusted up hunk of junk on the internet and expect to hook a buyer offering a great price. The used car market is HUGE, and one of the ways that you’ll stand out over competitors is by having a vehicle that looks well taken care of. So it’s time for a trip to your local Brisbane car wash, Spin in Chermside, to gain that professional quality finish.

How will Spin Car Wash help me sell my car?

Spin Car Wash in Chermside has the best facilities capable of getting your car buyer ready! Our self-service bays are easy to operate, affordable and come with all the bells and whistles. We also have an auto-wash tunnel if you want to take all the elbow grease out of washing your vehicle! Here’s how to achieve the best results when preparing to sell your car.

Wash off all the dust that dulls.

The first thing to tick off your car cleaning list is giving the exterior a good scrub to remove built-up dust, dirt and grime. For owners who intend to put their cars up for sale, we recommend our Ultimate package, which involves a pre-soak, soft cloth wash, triple foam and high-pressure wash through the auto-wash tunnel. This well and truly guarantees that all those stubborn mud and dirt marks come off your paintwork, without harming it in the process.

Wax it up for superior glistening.

The Spin Car Wash Ultimate package also includes a carnauba wax, designed for long-lasting shine and protection. Wow buyers when they come to view your car by getting it so clean that they can see their reflection clear as day in the paintwork!

Make those tyres shine.

Don’t forget the tyres! Having a freshly washed car with raggedy looking tyres will do you no favours! Breath new life into the faded rubber with the liberal application of Spin’s tyre shine products. And remember that in the auto wash tunnel, those brush bristles will maneuver into the nooks and crannies of your hubcaps, too! Shiny tyres can give your car an instant facelift that makes it look brand new again.

Suck up all the dirt and debris.

Now for the interior. It’s time to wield that industrial-strength vacuum cleaner like a Ghostbuster – with much gusto! Our vacuum bays hold only the most powerful turbo vacuum cleaners so that you don’t have to work up a sweat – the machine does it for you! Get down into the crevices between seats and suck up those year-old chip crumbs and the ever-lingering sand. Once you’re done, the inside will be spick and span!

What’s next?

Hooray! The physical work is completed! Now it’s time to show off your shiny and clean car in a few top-notch photographs so that you can post a ‘for sale’ ad online. Remember that natural lighting is best for vehicle photos, and be sure to get a shot of your car from every angle, including the interior. Type up an informative, yet concise description, settle on a price and place your ad. Pretty soon the enquiries will be rolling in! Happy selling!

Spin Car Wash in Chermside includes high-quality car washing facilities ideal for preparing used cars for resale. Visit us on Gympie Road to transform your vehicle into a buyer’s dream!


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