Cheap Car Washing Services in 3 Minutes Flat

Cheap Car Washing Services in 3 Minutes Flat
July 6, 2018 markofferdahl

Washing your car can be a bit of a chore. No matter how many times you pump Christina Aguilera’s rendition of ‘Car Wash,’ it still doesn’t deter from the fact that you have to spend your weekend scrubbing a dirty set of wheels.

But there’s a way that you can get it over and done with faster, so that you can enjoy all those other activities you have planned, like the Farmer’s Markets, going to the movies with friends and lazing in the park. One of the most impressive aspects of this particular method of washing your car is that it’s still just as thorough as if you had done the hard yards yourself. Want us to tell you what it is already? It’s the Auto Wash Tunnel at Spin Car Wash Chermside!


Cheap Car Washing Services in 3 Minutes Flat

A sparkling clean car in just three minutes!

It only takes a quick three minutes to drive through our auto wash tunnel and come out the other side with your car looking like it’s just been transformed from a pumpkin to a glass carriage! And Spin is your Fairy Godmother in this scenario, of course!

Scratch-free guarantee

Our auto wash tunnel is fast, yet thorough. We never forgo quality for speed. The brushes used on your car are made of high quality, soft bristles that will not cause any scratches to the paint or exterior body.


Cheap Car Washing Services in 3 Minutes Flat

Treated water for the ultimate gleam

At Spin, we also treat all of our water correctly, so that you can rest assured that your car is cleaned rigorously every time. You never have to worry about going into the tunnel after a vehicle that’s muddy from bonnet to boot – your car will still come out shining at the other end!


Cheap Car Washing Services in 3 Minutes Flat

Super convenient services

Spin Car Wash is situated on Gympie Road in Chermside. We’re often a quick stop for commuters on their way to or from work in Brisbane City. We’re also strategically placed to give your 4WD a run through the auto wash after an adventurous but sandy day on the beach, up the Sunshine Coast, or on the dusty roads through the national parks.

Incomparably amazing loyalty rewards

Not only is our auto wash tunnel fast and meticulous, but it’s also very affordable. We offer exclusive rewards to our loyal customers, too. With our Spincentive loyalty card, you can enjoy your eighth trip through the auto wash tunnel for free! And by joining our Spin Unlimited Wash Club, you can wash your car as often as you like within one month for just $29.95! Contact Spin Car Wash today to join our loyalty club!

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