Must Do Car Care Before & After Your Christmas Holiday

Must Do Car Care Before & After Your Christmas Holiday
July 7, 2020 William Jones
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Just like your body, your vehicle also needs a bit of attention before and after the rigours of the Christmas period. This is especially the case if you plan on reaching your Christmas holiday destination via car.

When looking after your body over the silly season, you may lay low on the carbs and hit the gym more often before and after your holiday. It means that you can indulge while you’re away without feeling too guilty, right? Preparing your car for your Christmas holiday means checking all vital equipment is in working order, and that it’s roadworthy for a long trip. Likewise, when you get back, you may need to top up a few vital fluids and do another once-over to ensure it’s still running smoothly. Car maintenance is important, especially around Christmas time when there are lots of people on Australian roads. Here’s how to ensure your vehicle is in top shape before, after and during your big road trip.

Before you hit the road

Here’s a list of the essential items to check on or in your car, before you set off for your Christmas holiday destination.

Tyres: Make sure they aren’t balding. If they are, you might want to take them to the mechanic to get new tyres with better grip fitted. Check the tyre pressure. You can usually find the PSI recommended for your car’s tires in the vehicle user manual or on a sticker on the inside of the driver or passenger doors. Ensure that your spare tyre (usually located under the flooring in the boot) is still in good condition.

Fluids: Check your engine oil, coolant antifreeze, brake fluid, windscreen wiper water levels and power steering fluid. Top up as required.

Lights: Make sure all your lights are working – headlights, brake lights, high beams, reverse lights and indicators. If you’re towing a trailer, boat or caravan, ensure all connections are working accordingly.

Battery: if your battery is over three years old, make sure you have a good listen whenever you crank the engine for any stalling. If you identify abnormalities, you may want to get the battery checked by a mechanic.

Windscreen wiper blades: in Brisbane especially, it can be easy to forget to check your windscreen wiper blades because it doesn’t rain too often. But you’ll soon know about it if they’re cracked, and you’re trying to ward off heavy rain! Replace them if they aren’t working at optimum condition – they’re cheap to purchase from auto stores.

Brakes: when you’re driving your car in the weeks leading up to your Christmas holiday, pay close attention to your brakes and how responsive they are. If they feel spongy or there’s a shuddering when you press on them, you should visit the mechanic so that they can be checked.

During your road trip

Aside from having a killer playlist on hand, and plenty of snacks, it’s important to keep an eye on the following components of your car when driving to your holiday destination.

Fuel: don’t get stuck on the side of the highway because you waited until your fuel gauge hit below empty to top up! If you can, plan your rest stops before you embark on your journey so that you have plenty of opportunities to refuel.

Visibility: if you’re hitting a lot of dirt roads, be sure to stop and clean your windscreen every so often so that you have a clear view ahead and behind. If you’re sharing the driving with another person, make sure you adjust the mirrors accordingly each time you hop behind the wheel.

Load security: towing a trailer or carrying a roof rack? Take the time to do a quick check of connections and restraints whenever you stop for a rest break.

After your Christmas holiday

You’ve made it to and from your holiday destination without any hiccups – hooray! Now it’s time to show your car some TLC for its hard work keeping you safe during your Christmas 2018 road trip. Here’s what to do when you get home.

Give your car a thorough clean: vacuum up all the chip crumbs from the crevices in the back seat and give the mats a good shake! Hand scrub your vehicle or take it through Spin Car Wash’s fast and efficient auto-wash tunnel in Chermside. You could even pull out all the stops and treat your car to a luxurious wax finish.

Recheck your tyre pressures: if you’ve covered a lot of KM’s, your tyre pressures may have lowered during your journey. Check the PSI again and adjust accordingly.

Fill up all your fluids: check and refill your fluids if you’ve gone through a lot during your long drive. Be sure not to go over the max fill line.

Check your mileage: have a look at your odometer and compare your mileage with the sticker your mechanic placed on the inside of your windscreen, indicating when your next service should be. If it’s creeping up to that figure, book your car in. Staying on top of car maintenance is the best way to ensure its safety and happy, healthy and long life!

Brisbane residents love Spin Car Wash’s convenient location on Gympie Road in Chermside. Pop in before, and after your Christmas 2018 road trip and have your car sparkling like the star atop your Christmas tree this festive season! To find out more about our loyalty schemes and facilities, see our website or contact us today!


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