What can you get done after a Spin Car Wash?

What can you get done after a Spin Car Wash?
September 28, 2018 markofferdahl

Did you know that your car can go from dirty to sparkling clean in under five minutes at Spin Car Wash in Chermside?

Create extra time to get those chores done or treat yourself to a little ‘me time’ by drastically cutting down on how long it takes to clean your car! The auto wash tunnel at Spin Car Wash can have your vehicle shining in just three minutes. Here are a handful of the things you can do with all that extra time on your hands!

Wash your car in just three minutes at Spin Car Wash, create more time by washing your car at Spin Car Wash.

Go on a shopping spree at Westfield Chermside

Westfield Chermside is just down the road from Spin Car Wash, conveniently situated to pop in and get the weekly groceries done and dusted after you clean your car. Or you could indulge in a shopping spree, a coffee and some well-deserved relaxation. Perhaps even a massage? There’s a daycare there if you wish to drop the kids off and kill two birds with one stone by maximising your time and ensuring that they have fun.

Take your dog to Crosby Park in Albion

Is your furry friend keen for a play in the sunshine or a social date with other dogs? Crosby Park has a designated off-leash area where your excitable pooch can run rampant and catch up with other dogs. There’s also a playground for the kids, playing fields perfect for kicking a ball and a picnic area. You could even wander over to She Bangs Cafe for a caffeine hit and a delicious toasted bagel. Yum! Don’t forget that if your furry friend has had a little too much fun in the dirt, you can always nip back to Spin Car Wash for a quick and affordable dog wash!

Grab a sausage sizzle at Stafford Bunnings

Whoops, we mean grab all your home and garden products! Stafford Bunnings mega centre has it all. Purchase a few spring plants, some fresh paint to breath new life into your home or surprise the kids with new play equipment and an outdoor area that will have friends envious of your fantastic summer BBQs. While you’re there, why not treat yourself to a mouth-watering sausage sizzle? Hunting around Bunnings is hungry work!

Take the family for a picnic at Samford Conservation Park in Ferny Hills

Get back to nature by heading to Samford Conservation Park for a peaceful walk in the bush or a relaxing picnic surrounded. Light up a firewood BBQ (be sure to check the fire ban status beforehand!) and flip those burger patties for an amazing family lunch. If you’re up for something a little more exciting, there are several challenging mountain bike riding tracks and a few well-trodden horse riding trails throughout the reserve.

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Wash your car in just three minutes at Spin Car Wash, create more time by washing your car at Spin Car Wash.